My Hair Essentials…

I proudly belong to the  #LongHairDon’tCare crew ( if this isn’t a thing it really should be)! However somedays its not all fun and games and even a messy bun becomes a tiresome task! I have some some gems that have made the smell and feel of my long hair worth all the hassle!

Introducing the love of my life (well for my hair anyway) …


This is BedHead – Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner.

I can honestly say I don’t think i will ever use another shampoo/conditioner again!

With a bottle full of humour, a smell to die for, and a lot of product for your money BedHead – Resurrection is my ultimate FAV! It leaves my hair completely fresh and days after washing I still get complemented on the smell!

As you can see I buy the 750ml bottles from Amazon in a twin set for £15.99! ( This is great Value too as they honestly last so long).

The other must have to my hair routine is …


My GHD IV Styler straighteners! Buying GHD’s is an investment for sure, you can buy these for about £99 and because they’re such good quality they last much longer than budget products. I have had mine for around 4 years now and they have been amazing. Through my secondary school years I used these straighteners everyday without fail and now I’m down to around twice a week.  My hair is naturally thick and heavy and using these straighteners just makes my hair so much lighter and easier to manage. They heat up quickly and I can have my whole head straightened in about 10 minutes.

I am looking to invest in a pair with wider plates just because my hair is so thick and it would probably take me half the time to straighten it!


This is the result of my hair after using both products!


T x


Benefit Addiction

24675121835_58441dc1e3_o.jpgSince christmas I have gained a love for Benefit cosmetics. My daily routine consists of:

  • Porefessional concealer
  • Boi-ing concealer
  • Hello Flawless liquid foundation
  • Hello Flawless custom powder
  • Hervana face powder
  • They’re Real Mascara

I find all the products so light on the skin and the Boi-ing concealer covers my blemishes perfectly. I am really struggling with the They’re Real push up eyeliner I’m sure there is a ‘nack’ to it that i just haven’t perfected yet.

My next addition to my collection is going to be the  ‘That girl – Brightening face primer’. I have a 15% off discount code is making it even more enticing!